This page brings you Our Hindutva pledge.

We, the team, advocate the rational-humanist outlook of the late Veer Savarkar, former President of the Hindu Mahasabha who also pioneered the concept of Hindutva in a treatise by that name. This is what defines our outlook and distinguishes us from our twins from the Sangh Parivar who represent the spiritualist-nationalist outlook, which today, by default, is understood as Hindutva.

We, pledge to ourselves that we disown superstition, dogmatism, mythology, miracles, miracle men, godmen, spiritualism, mysticism, and the entire religious, dogmatic and theistic outlook completely.

We also pledge that we disown caste and casteist feelings totally and permanently. We pledge to disassociate Hindutva from all that is considered religious, casteist, sectarian, nationalistic and theistic; and pledge to retrieve the modernist, futuristic, egalitarian, secular, globalist, humanist and rationalist outlook which is the essence of the universal and timeless outlook that is inherent to Sanatan Parampara (literally "timeless tradition"). Sanatana Parampara represents the ancient tradition of free-thought from India.

The outlook of the Hindutva site advocates tolerance of all forms of religion as a matter of private belief (with controlled public expression). But we reject and pledge to fight casteism to its finish, we also reject and pledge to fight to their finish ALL shades of religious fanaticism.


We advocate a form of society where the belief or disbelief in religion is a private matter and religion has controlled public expression. Towards this end, we pledge to use the web to help in fighting to intellectually checkmate and destroy all across the globe, religious fanaticism that advocates the expansion of any one particular form of religious belief at the point of the sword.

We also pledge to intellectually fight and neutralize all across the globe, religious fanaticism which advocates belief in any one particular form of religious belief as the only true faith the others being paganism. And tries to win adherents with allurements of free education, medical care, orphanages, etc.

We also pledge to expose and neutralize that form of religious fanaticism which is a reaction to the above two forms of religious fanaticism and which attacks missionaries and tries to counter peaceful but deceptive missionary activity with terror tactics apart from acting as a Culture Police to impose a ban on beauty pageants, celebration of birthdays, New (Julian/Gregorian) Year festivities, honeymoons, et al.

These folks claim, like us, that they also uphold our same outlook of Hindutva. But we assertively state here that these lumpen elements, do not represent Hindutva since their ideas go against human sanity and commonsense. These vagabonds do not fathom the depth of the Sanatana Parampara, which they allege to represent. We from the team, distance ourselves from such uncultured culture police. Unlike them, we are all for the modernization of human society; which in this context is interpreted by many as Westernization or as Americanization. We do not attach significance to the name(s) given to this process. What we fully endorse is, the observance of everything that makes life full of easygoing fun without causing social harm or social nuisance.

We advocate the principle of the universal brotherhood of man and the oneness of humankind and reject all kinds of discrimination between man and man. We advocate service to humankind without any ulterior motive of trying to convert people to any kind of mode of worship. We pledge to ensure that there is freedom for people to worship the way they want to (without leading to social discord or holy wars); or not to worship at all. We have to thus work towards a scenario where there is no discrimination between man and man (discrimination as existed in the de-humanizing caste system and in all other forms of socio-economic division of society) and where there is complete freedom to choose one's method of prayer (without leading to social discord or holy wars); or to choose not to pray at all. A scenario where religion is allowed a controlled social existence and thus does not become a reason for social discord.

This scenario is quite similar to the ancient Hindu society, the only difference being that religion, understood as the public practice of worship is controlled, so that it does not become a reason for social discord or holy wars.. It is this scenario, in which the pre-history of humankind will end. With this will end religious sectarianism, and division of our globe by national borders - borders along which there has been violence, hatred and bloodshed. With this scenario will begin the history of the human species, where science and quest for knowledge will dominate the human outlook and where WE as one species will face SPACE - the final frontier for humankind.

For the Future, to ensure that the public practice of religion does not lead to social strife, we feel that the following points need to be implemented in human society the world over.

- Celebration of religious festivals or any other form of public expression of religion, should always be under the supervision and control of the civil (law and order) authority.

- All educational institutions should be run by professional educational bodies who should follow a common syllabus and curriculum. This syllabus and curriculum should educate every generation about the nature of religious outlook itself and the creative and destructive role it has played in past Human history. The syllabus and curriculum should not to require/ask of everyone to believe in god or to stop believing in god. Every child of schooling age would have to get educated through the medium of such schools.

- There should be a common Civil Code for the entire citizenry across the globe.

- There should be a general ban on evangelism and public debate between different modes of worship.

We are aware that these suggestions will be subjected to severe criticism by visitors from various (all) religious backgrounds. But we the webmasters of this Hindutva site believe that the future hope for the human species does not lie in religion, spiritualism, dogmatism, and the concurrent religious fanaticism and theology-inspired terrorism that all religions breed. The future Human Being should be more attuned to frequenting Science Labs and Astronomical Observatories; rather than going to Churches, Temples, Monasteries, Mosques, Fire-altars, Synagogues, etc.

Our future lies in the human qualities of reasoning, scientific research, increasing understanding of the physical universe beyond the globe and the solar system. The qualities for a future ideal Human Being would be those of being a saintly scientist who would function as a soldier whenever our human species and the civilized human way of living is threatened from forces within the human species (like those of theology-inspired terrorism) or from forces beyond our planet and solar system.

(This Hindutva Site is managed by a Virtual Team of Webmasters across the globe. The articles included at this site do not necessarily represent the views of the Webmasters.)

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