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Instead of fighting each other, India and Pakistan should Jointly fight the terrorists

President Musharraf, can we go beyond a Joint Probe into the Attack on the Indian Parliament, and move on to Joint Action against the terrorists?

As Bin Laden Trail Leads into Pakistan; how is he to be smoked out of there?

Bin Laden Tapes - The Hidden Implied Admission of his Guilt

Where is Osama in the Post Taliban War Phase?

Scenarios of the Post Kandahar Phase in the War against Terror

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Global News Analysis

Shape of Things to Come in the War against Terror


12th November 2001

A Preview of the 2nd wave of Terror Attacks

10th November 2001

Why Vajpayee should talk to Musharraf, and what should he talk about

8th November 2001

The fight inside Pakistan today is between the shrewd Jihadis and the brazen Jihadis

7th November 2001

Can Pakistan voluntarily intern its nuclear warheads in China?

6th November 2001

This is no Clash of Civilizations - George Bush, Tony Blair, Noam Chomsky

5th November 2001

Stop this war ... since we Muslims are losing the war ... Remember the Treaty of Hudabiya

1st November 2001

What else could fall this Ramzan apart from Kabul? - The Royal House of Saud, the Musharraf Regime?

31st October 2001

Similarities between the plight of the ordinary Afghans today and that of the Passengers on the Hijacked American Airliners on the 11th of September

30th October 2001

The Measure of Muslim Rage - Jihadi hatred for USA v/s. that for India

30th October 2001

what India should do in case of a Pakistani coup overthrowing President Musharraf?

30th October 2001

USA should Declare the ISI a Terrorist Organisation

29th October 2001

America - Act Now and seize or destroy Pak Nukes and Delivery Systems before it is too late!

29th October 2001

Osama is an American Creation after all!

29th October 2001

The search for a Moderate Taliban - Do the Americans have the right Prospector for this search?

29th October 2001

Stop this inhuman war - Is America Listening?

25th October 2001

Merits of declaring a Cease Fire During Ramzan

25th October 2001

Countdown to the Pakistani Civil War- Is America ready for this eventuality?

24th October 2001

The Root "causes" for the Attack on America

23rd October 2001

Western Strategy in the Middle East to Checkmate the growing Nuclear Potential of the Islamic Crescent

22nd October 2001

American Colonization of Pakistani Airspace - The Reason for this Strategy

21st October 2001

A SMART Foreign Policy for India!

19th October 2001

Time to expand the War on Terror - After Laden's Al Qaida and Taliban; comes Iraq, and then Syria

18th October 2001

Land Assault in Afghanistan can wait for some weeks

17th October 2001

The type of American Arms that should be supplied to Pakistan

16th October 2001

India should today "Stand-down" on Kashmir

15th October 2001

"This is not a War against Islam."- President George Bush

12th October 2001

The Ominous Symptoms of a post-Musharraf Indo-Pak Nuclear War

10th October 2001

Anthrax Infection : Connection between Iraq, Mohammed Atta and Osama's boast of more deadly future retaliation - Bio-terrorism in the Air?

9th October 2001

How do we Checkmate the Jihadis in the War for the World by targeting Saudi Oil, Afghan Narcotics and Pakistan's Islamic Atom bombs

8th October 2001

Attack on Terror that has begun today in Afghanistan (Sunday 7th October 2001) may prophetically prove to be the first shots of the Third World War

5th October 2001

Effective methods of Breaking the Morale of a Fidayeen Suicide Bomber

4th October 2001

Some Unseen Undercurrents in the War on Global Terrorism - We hope Tony Blair spoke about about Pakistan's Nuclear Arsenal when he was at Islamabad

3rd October 2001

Attack on the Kashmir Assembly - Time Ripe for India to go Gunning for the Nest Eggs of Terrorism inside Pakistan

2nd October 2001

The War on Global Terrorism - a sluggish start to what is to presage the Third World War

1st October 2001

Mohammed Atta - What makes people like him beasts in human form?

1st October 2001

UN passes Anti-Terrorism resolution without defining Terrorism

1st October 2001

US Plans to attack Afghanistan, leading to possible break-up of Pakistan

1st October 2001

SIMI (The Al Qaida's Islamic Terrorist outfit in India)

30th September 2001

Involve American-Afghans to govern a post-Taliban Afghanistan

29th September 2001

Pakistan's "Operation Infinite Deceit" against the USA

27th September 2001

What do the Statements of Western Statesmen tell us about the coming war?

26th September 2001

EU and American Military Delegations at Islamabad to scrutinize the Pakistani Catacomb of Conspiracies

25th September 2001

Osama Bin Laden's Fax Messages Calling to Arms all Muslim Youth Worldwide

24th September 2001

The Root of the problem today and Techniques of Asymmetric Warfare to overcome it

21st September 2001

President George Bush's Address to the Congress

20th September 2001

The Role of India, Pakistan and America in the Coming War with Terrorism

19th September 2001

Is there any Error in the American response to Terror?

18th September 2001

Osama is now the Chief Qazi of Islam

17th September 2001

Operation Noble Eagle - Military Options before the USA, today; post Pentagon/Manhattan Attacks

16th September 2001

What America should learn while fighting its Global War with Islamic Terrorism

15th September 2001

Post Pentagon attack - Why Pakistan faces a Civil War Situation

14th September 2001

Are all Muslims, extremists?

12th September 2001

RISE AMERICA RISE - Vandalism at Manhattan and Pentagon should not go unpunished

11th September 2001

America's Options While fighting an Asynchronous War against Theology-inspired Terrorism

10th September 2001

Is the Taliban Ruling Kashmir already? - Yellow badges for Non-Muslim women says Lashkar-e-Jabbar

5th September 2001

Is the Durban Conference on Racism missing the point

1st September 2001

Bajrang Dal - Do not become Hindu Jihadis

21st August 2001

Kudos to President Musharraf for starting to take on the Jihadis

12th August 2001

Why should India and China join up to fight the Islamic Jihad?

1st August 2001

Repeal NATO and Establish a Comprehensive Global Alliance to overcome the challenge of theology-inspired terrorism

July 2001

Is the Kanchi Math reviving the Varnashrama system?

Sadhus (Hindu hermits) beheaded by Islamic Terrorists in Kashmir

Jihad in Kashmir and the right of Self-determination for Kashmiris

We Congratulate President Bush on heeding the Pope's advice to ban Stem Cell Research and Human Cloning?

What can stop the Hindu Pilgrims at Amarnath from being murdered year after Year?

Musharraf-Vajpayee Agra Summit 2001 - Shades of Hitler-Chamberlain Munich Summit 1938

Can India Learn from Israel's Policy of giving mandatory Military training to its Youth?

Oldham, Burnley, Leeds, Bradford.... Race Riots?? or Britian's first brush with Communal Riots? A Macedonia in the making in UK?

Fine; Slobo is in - now get in Osama, Saddam and others too!

Israelis - On Freezing Settlements Learn from the Americans

"Indian Military Bases to be opened to American Armed Forces" - Jaswant Singh, Minister of Defence and External Affairs Republic of India.

President Pervez Musharraf - Welcome to India

India should join the Shanghai 5 to combat terrorism

Mitchell Report on Israel-Palestinian Crisis
- Voice of the Palestinians - "If the Israelis move their tanks out of Ramallah, we will not follow them to Tel Aviv."

The Voice of Islam - "Death to America, India, Russia, China and Israel"

What if the Muslims win the 3rd World War?

Job reservations for Muslims in India

A Message to President Bush - Trash the ABM Treaty by all means but please do not reduce your Nuclear Potential, - in fact increase it

Mc'Donalds frying French Fries in Beef Tallow

Bangladesh Attacks Indian Border Post - Kills 16 Indian Soldiers

Archives prior to July 2001

Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi - Teach Jyotishi (Astrology) in all Universities......

Spy-plane crisis -An Opportunity for India to contribute towards a Sino-American Entente

The Taliban is Right in Demolishing the Buddhas at Bamiyan?

Tehelka Tapes - Court Martial the Guilty

US Air Raids on Iraq
- A Lost Opportunity for Indian foreign policy to move towards an Indo-American Alliance

Can India learn from Russia's move for a common missile defense shield (Son of Star Wars) mooted by the USA?

Ban Valentine's Day, Beauty Pageants, celebration of birthdays, New (Julian/Gregorian) Year festivities, Honeymoons, et al.

The Vexed Issue of the Babri Masjid and the Construction of a Ram Temple at Ayodhya

Mahakumbh Mela at Prayag - The Significance of Ritual Bathing

The Reason why some Gurkhas in Nepal say: "Down with India"

The Hidden Agenda of some Hindi Films

Dalit-Muslim Bhai Bhai

Our views on the Demand for a Ban on Cow Slaughter (Go-raksha)

We're Hindus, but our ancestor was Mohammed Paigambar

Futuristic Scenarios in India-Pakistan Relationship - An American View

Who is Guilty for Using Religion to inflame passions?

We condemn the Attacks on Christians and Churches

Human Problem in Kashmir

Human Rights Violations in Kashmir

Contribution of Dalits to Hindu History and Culture


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