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Bharatiya Vaartaa (Indian News)

President Bush shows that India is on his Radar

No as Indians, we are not unduly excited just because Bush referred to Bombay too in his address. But we normally feel that the Americans think of India as a backwater place that does not matter..that if they think about India at all. But the US President has shown that India is also on his radar. Here is the excerpt from his speech:

(QUOTE) "On September the 11th, 2001, terrorists left their mark of murder on my country, and took the lives of 67 British citizens. With the passing of months and years, it is the natural human desire to resume a quiet life and to put that day behind us, as if waking from a dark dream. The hope that danger has passed is comforting, is understanding, and it is false.

The attacks that followed - on Bali, Jakarta, Casablanca, Bombay, Mombassa, Najaf, Jerusalem, Riyadh, Baghdad, and Istanbul - were not dreams. They're part of the global campaign by terrorist networks to intimidate and demoralize all who oppose them." (UNQUOTE)

President Bush has also said in the same speech:

(QUOTE) "These terrorists target the innocent, and they kill by the thousands. And they would, if they gain the weapons they seek, kill by the millions and not be finished. The greatest threat of our age is nuclear, chemical or biological weapons in the hands of terrorists, and the dictators who aid them. The evil is in plain sight. The danger only increases with denial. Great responsibilities fall once again to the great democracies. We will face these threats with open eyes, and we will defeat them."(UNQUOTE)

Really Mr. President is it clear to you who these dictators are who have nuclear arms. There is only ONE such dictator in the Islamic world! And since you have not mentioned him by name we name him here. He is none other than Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan. When are you going to act upon your own speech Mr. President Sir?????

We are waiting for you to do that, Your Excellency.

These are excerpts from the transcript of the American President's speech at Whitehall Palace in London.

- Hindutva Team
on behalf of

Pro-active Defense missing in India’s Nuclear Command

While the Govt of India can be complimented for coming up with a relatively bold nuclear Command, what is lacking is a clause of pro-active deterrence. Such a clause could have stated that in the event of India’s security being threatened by any hostile power the Government of India reserves the right to carry out a first strike at the enemy to incapacitate the enemy from launching a declared first strike against India.

With the Pakistani Head Honcho Musharraf having threatened India with a nuclear attack, at the height of the 2002 crisis, it would be in the fitness of things to have such a clause in India’s Nuclear Command. This would have been in keeping with the American propounded policy of pro-active deterrence of ‘waging war to prevent war’.

We guess the Govt of India still has a long way to go to reach the American mindset. Anyway at least the Govt. of India has been bold enough to say; ”Nuclear retaliation to the first strike (by the enemy) will be massive and designed to inflict unacceptable damage (on the enemy).” Congrats! But what if the enemy’s first strike itself causes unacceptable damage to India? How will India respond if with the first strike itself, Pakistan sets off mushroom clouds over major Indian metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Calcutta, Chennai, Hyderabad, etc?

And when Paki Nukes can reach India in four minutes flat, India has less than four minutes to retaliate after the Paki nukes take off, and before they (Paki nukes) crash into India and start vaporizing Indians. In this scenario is there any rationale for India's stated “No First Use” policy???

This question begs an answer! We do not want the Government of India to state the answer, but we hope that Government of India has factored this eventuality and has kept proactive nuclear deterrence as its prime though undeclared military reflex.

The first ever Pakistani-American military clashes could trigger a war with India?

This is especially relevant today, since the first Pakistani-American clashes have started off at the Afghan border, and the wily Musharraf can do something dramatic to deflect attention and take off American heat off his back by striking across the Indian border.

- Hindutva Team
on behalf of

Derailments of Passenger Trains - The new front of the Jihadis in India?

After the attacks on Akshardham, the Raghuvir Temple and Godhra, now the terrorists seem to have opened up another front. With the spate of derailments taking place on a weekly basis in India, it is high time for the Govt of India to reveal the terrorist hand behind it. The latest derailment with the Guwahati Express occurred after a bomb blast. Surely the bomb blast was not due to poor maintenance of the rail tracks! Poor maintenance has been reason being given for many of the derailments that have occurred in the past few months. We guess that this is the new front the Jihadis have opened up.

The cable car accident at Pavagadh in Gujarat is, we believe, also one in the same string of terror attacks. The Jihadis will accept many unconventional and unexpected attacks. Remember the sniper shootings in Washington? So we have not only to be on our guard but should take the war into the Jihadi camps. But how are we to do it? Are we to fire-bomb the Masjids during namaz time? Blow-up the Madrasas? Attack Muslim Diplomats?Assassinate Muslim religious heads? Can only such deeds terrorize the terrorists and their support base? Is it so that unless this is done we cannot meet the Jihadis on their terms? Do we have to become more ruthless and more cruel and more determined and more organized and more well-financed than the Jihadis, if we are to counter them? Can we learn anything from Shivaji Maharaj in this regard? Can only this avenge the terror attacks? We do not know! But we are sure that nothing can stop the blood-thirsty Jihadis from launching newer forms of attacks across the globe.

- Arjun Kamble
on behalf of

What do the Gujarat elections teach us? – Be anti-terrorism, not pro-Hindu

This news-item seems local, but has global significance. Hence we have decided to comment on it.

The lessons from the Gujarat elections are that the right wing Hindu nationalist political party BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) has got a landslide win due to its strident anti-terrorism platform by reminding the voter about the terrorist attacks at Godhra and Akshardham (Hindu temple of the Swaminarayan sect). While the INC (Indian National Congress) lost, despite starting off its campaign from a Hindu temple at Ambaji and playing up to Hindu sentiments by visiting temples, involving Hindu religious preachers like Murari Bapu in its electioneering. The voter rejected the Hindu card of the INC, and voted for the strident anti-terrorist stand of the BJP and its associates the VHP (Vishwa Hindu Parishad – World Hindu Council). So electoral dividends will come for that party which takes a strident anti-terrorist stand and frames and implements a policy aimed at fighting terrorism to its finish, whatever the political or military cost involved in doing this. The BJP the INC and other political outfits in India need to take note of this.

With the expected increase of the number and viciousness of terrorist attacks, not just in India but even across the world, common people will easily realize the dangers that terrorism poses. And when told of this danger, in an appealing and articulate manner, the common man will come out and support those fighting terrorism on the political (as well as diplomatic and military front). This is the lesson to be learnt from the Gujarat elections.

At least now, with the decisive and convincing win in Gujarat, in addition to the unnoticed win of all three by-elections in Rajasthan and in Jharkhand for the BJP, will the political parties do the neeful all across India? Will they put up a bold face and a determined policy against terrorism? Will the mainline media stop pandering to pseudo-secular forces and will they counter the pro-Terrorism media like The Asian Age and New Delhi Television (NDTV) which constantly support terrorism, by presenting news, subtly and sometimes not so subtly, against the global war against terror? Lets see!

- Hindutva Team
on behalf of

For the sake of a Cow..... will a Kingdom be lost?

Veer Savarkar, the late President of the now almost extinct Hindu Mahasabha had said that the cow is just an animal. Do Gopalan (breed the cow) and not Gopujan (do not worship the cow). Now after five Dalits were lynched for the 'crime' of skinning a cow, Acharya Giriraj Kishore a leader of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) is reported to have said that the life a cow is more important than of a human being! What a pity, what a shame, what stupidity to say such a thing. Shades of Manusmriti?? In the Manusmriti, the life a person from one caste is valued differently as compared to the life of person from another caste, since the punishment for murdering a Brahmin is different from that for murdering a Kshatriya, which again is different from that for murdering a Shudra.

And if Shri Giriraj Ji has not said what is attributed to him, as Shri Tarun Vijay (of Panchajanya) claims, then the Acharya should issue a clear message stating what he actually said.

And we are told that Udit Raj, the Dalit leader, will hold a rally of Dalits at Jhajjar (the scene of the crime), where he will lead them into Buddhism. Upto this it is fine. But he is asking other minorities to participate in that rally. Why have Muslim and Christian leaders at such a rally? Maybe as a support, as protection. We can understand this too. But can the VHP, Bajrang Dal, the RSS the BJP join Udit Raj's rally and give him the necessary support and protection. At least caste-based organisations like the Brahman Sabha, the Jat Panchayat, the Maratha Mahasangh can join the rally, or at least express open support to this rally. We are saying this as a challenge to all caste-based organisations in India.

And why did the VHP, RSS and Bajrang Dal not rush to the scene of the crime and denounce it. This is the least they could have done if they could not organise a riot against the criminals who killed the Dalits; as the Bajrangis did after the equally deplorable mass murder at Godhra.

The Hindu leaders better open their eyes to reality and stop alienating sections of the Hindu community for the sake of a cow. Or else they better learn from the old English limerick -

For sake of a nail the shoe was lost,

For sake of a shoe the hoof was lost,

For sake of a hoof the horse was lost,

For sake of a horse the king was lost,

For sake of a king the battle was lost,

For sake of a battle the kingdom was lost,

And all for the sake of a horseshoe nail.

If the Hindu leaders do not wake up, the next suicide squad to reach a Hindu temple could as well be of Dalits who have renounced Hinduism. And after that happens, then do not say that you were not warned if "For the sake of a Cow...your Kingdom is lost."

Postscript: Ironically for the sake of the cow a Hindu Kingdom was really lost when the defeated army of Mahmud Ghauri smartly covered their retreat by blocking the path of the pursing Hindu army with a herd of cows. The Hindu army did not advance, since they would have had to slaughter (or at least harm) the cows, if they had to pursue the fleeing Muslim army. The cow afterall was their mother Go-mata (sic)!! And so the Muslim army succeeded in escaping, only to attack again the following year and defeat the Hindu army and take over the Kingdom. This happened in the year 1191 at Tarain in North India when Prithviraj Chauhan first defeated Mahamud Ghauri in 1191 and then was defeated by Ghauri in 1192 beginning the era of Muslim rule in India.

- Hindutva
on behalf of -

Murli Manohar Joshi ji - Teach Jyotishi (Astrology) in all Universities

Many of us who swear by Hindutva, support India's HRD (Human Resources and Development) Minister Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi's move to bring Astrology (Jyotishi), Paurohitiya (rituals to be followed by Hindu priests), Karma-Kanda (orthodox beliefs about re-birth, karma i.e. deeds in ones life deciding in what form and caste he will be re-born in his next life, and moksha i.e. salvation) as subjects in the University syllabus.

But we from think that this is a retrograde step that will pull our upcoming generations into a wrong direction. We know Dr. Joshi that you are a religious person. We do not grudge you, your religious beliefs. To you the universe is god's creation. Fine with us for you to believe that. But for the Human species to progress, it has to understand the universe as something that we live in. Something that has to be observed perceived and studied through telescopes and radars. For any sensible person, star and planetary movements are not something that can be linked with the fortunes and misfortunes in an individual's or a nation's or the world's existence.

Ancient Hindu Jyoti Shastra

The ancient Hindus studied the lights (Jyotis) of the skies - ASTRONOMY. Hence they called this study a Jyoti Shastra (Science of the study of the heavenly lights) as also Khagola Shastra.

A perverted application of Jyoti Shastra was the Jyotish Shastra (Astrology and Palmistry). This happened since some of the less reflective minds linked the change of seasons year after year and the associated change in star patterns year after year with the expected change in human fortunes.

The only logic was that when the stars and planets are in a certain position in the sky, there is summer, or winter or spring or monsoons. To begin with, this was used to predict the onset of monsoons. Up to this point it was fine, since the change in seasons and the change in star patterns took place at a systematic periodicity. Although the seasons changed not because the star patterns changed, except that there was a link between the positions of the Sun and earth and the seasons like summer, monsoons and winter. But this apart, there was no cause and effect relationship between the change in star patterns and the change in seasons, similar to the fact that there is no cause and effect relationship between the change in star patterns and the change in human fortunes. Thus extending this logic to say that human fortunes are also influenced by the movement of stars and planets was invalid.


Talking about the corollary practice of palmistry, we can say that this practice was a result of linking up of individual fortune with that element of the human body by which a person literally builds his future. This element of observation here is obviously the hand, more properly the palm. But there is nothing more in palmistry than this. We know that lines on our palm are a result of the skeletal frame within our hand. For this reasons lines similar to those on our palms are also present on our footsoles, armpits and at all other joints. More so, such lines exist on the palms of a Gorilla or a Chimpanzee too, but none of us would claim to foretell the fortune of any simian this way.

Degrees to become Qualified godmen?

Maybe someday Dr. Joshi will introduce doctorate courses on Palmistry and Parrotology, where a parrot pulls out a card on which your fortune or misfortune is written. And later on maybe even Miracle men and godmen Babas and other Jadoo-Tona wallahs can get post graduate degrees in their respective trades (tickeries). Amen!

Incidentally, the practioners of Jyotish shastra were called Jyotishis from which we have the family name Joshi.

The decision of Dr. Joshi to institutionalize the study of Jyotish Shastra in Indian Universities is foolish. This will only encourage our upcoming generations to be Dogmatic, Obscurantist, and Backward. We from the team oppose this retrograde move by Murli Manohar Joshiji. Is anyone from India's HRD ministry listening?

As a footnote we may add that we from represent in many aspects, the rational-humanist outlook of the late Veer Savarkar, former President of the Hindu Mahasabha who also pioneered the concept of Hindutva in a treatise by that name. This is what defines our outlook and distinguishes us from our twins from the Sangh Parivar who represent the spiritualist-nationalist outlook, which today, by default, represents Hindutva.

- Hindutva
on behalf of


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This site brings you analysis of Current Global Politics and History from a Hindutva viewpoint

Remembering 9/11...
...and reaffirming that Liberty and Freedom shall prevail to blow away the fumes of terrorism that seek to plunge the world into a second Dark Age


Analysis of the Latest Global Happenings
Robin MacArthur, New Jersey.

An Alternative Strategy for efficiently winning the War on Terror – Terrorize the Terrorists

Dear President George Bush,

So far our tactic has been to overpower regimes like those of the Taliban and Saddam in a conventional combat. The enemy stands no chance of prevailing against us in such combat. But once we prevail over the enemy, then starts the second phase of covert guerilla warfare where the enemy snipers and mortar gunners and shoulder fired stinger missile operators can pick up our marines one at a time at their convenience in an endless sniper war. No army howsoever powerful with conventional weapons using conventional war tactics can win such a sniper war. At this juncture when are about to repeat (after the 2004 Presidential elections) the same war strategy in Syria, Iran and then maybe elsewhere, it is high time for us to consider the other option – the Hiroshima option Had we not used this option by bombing Hiroshima and then after a few days bombed Nagasaki, the Japs may never have surrendered that fast and would have taken many more American lives. In today’s War on Terror, instead of sending our marines into Syria and then Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, etc to win a conventional war, only to be bled day by day in a sniper war as is happening in Iraq, we should use the Hiroshima tactic of picking off some cities in the target countries and then setting out terms of surrender to the target Muslim country:

The terms should include (among other terms) the following:

- Lay down your arms, by disbanding your army and police.
- Hand over all weapons to the allied forces at the borders.
- Give up Islam as your religion, and the Quran as your religious book and the Shariah as your lawbook; or else face more Hiroshimas.
- Demolish all your Mosques and Madrasas.
- Ban the use of Hijab, Chador, Burkha by females.
- Ban the wearing of religious caps and growing of beards (a la Ataturk) by males.
- Accept any one of the non-Muslim religions.
- Agree to establish parliamentary democracy and secularism.
- Any non-compliance will lead to more Hiroshimas.

This way we can win the war on terror by sending a minimum number of marines into hostile territory and taking only a minimum number of casualties. This tactic would also have immense psychological impact on the terrorists, since in spite of the contempt they have for life, they would be under tremendous pressure from their co-religionists to stop targeting the civilized world, since many more Muslims would die in retaliation. Only this can work, since the Muslims fear nothing other than overwhelming force. The history of Islam for the last fourteen hundred years since Islam was founded, is evidence of this.

Act before the Nuclearization of Terrorism makes the War on Terror a Nightmare

But we need to act on this pretty fast, before the Jihadis acquire nuclear capability, making the nuclear option useless. And future Nuclear terror attacks makes 9/11 seem like a dress rehearsal. While the right focus is placed on the proliferation of nuclear capability in Iran; not much attention is being paid to Pakistan. Today Pakistan has 30 nuclear warheads. If we wait for a few years, then this number will grow to 200 warheads and they would be dispersed in different countries in different hands, some of these hands would belong to the Al Qaeda. The Al Qaeda-Pakistan Army connection is not just a bogey. It is real. Some serving officers have been detained for having passed on critical information to the Al Qaeda. We also need to remember that when Musharraf was in the US, General Aziz, Gen Musharraf’s right hand man who brought him to power, had said that “America is Islam’s enemy number one.”

So we need to urgently and decisively act against all nuclear aspiring Muslim states, especially the only Muslim Nuclear power which has aggressively named its Atom bomb the Islamic Bomb – Pakistan. Unless we act before the Nuclearization of Terrorism makes the War on Terror a Nightmare, we shall unfortunately have to confront Jihadis having nuclear arms and have only the following two dead-end options:

- be prepared to either end up destroying all life on this globe fighting the Jihadis to death;
- or surrender to the Jihadis and accept Islam as the religion for the entire world!

Yes, we are well aware that our Hiroshima option suggestion will be censored by those many blind-to-reality liberals and those hand-in-glove friends of the Jihadis those defeated communists and discredited left-leaning liberals of the Noam Chomsky clan. But we can bypass their objections and set our determination to go about winning the war on terror with such daring non-conventional means – since we face a non-conventional enemy. Only such smartness and iron-will can break the Jihadis and the Islamic faith that represents their world view which is today shared by one billion and a half humans. The other option is a Vietnam all over the places we go – Afghanistan, Iraq, followed by Syria, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia with an endless stream of body bags coming home and a clamor to end the war, with a prospect of losing the war on terror to a beastly enemy signaling the end of human progress and civilization.

Our current policy of sending in ground troops and policing the Muslim countries like Afghanistan and Iraq, once we have subdued the established governments, is fast proving to be a failure. The Jihadi snipers can pick our marines one by one at ease and bleed us as they are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan. While we foolishly spend billions of dollars in reconstruction of these countries in an effort to win their hearts and minds. Such reconstruction is meaningless since their hearts and minds are anyway turned against us in a civilizational divide that goes back to the foundation of Islam where for them, we are unbelievers and infidels who should be converted to Islam by force or be killed or be humiliated to be treated as dhimmis (second class citizens). The Jihadis care two hoots for reconstruction of Iraq or Afghanistan, in fact they want to disrupt this reconstruction effort and make a laughing stock out of us. The number of Muslims who support us is negligible, and they too are scared to death to openly support us. Till the beastly mentality of Islam is not eradicated, it is futile for us to spend money to reconstruct these countries. It is also futile to establish democracy and secularism in these countries till the temperamental core of these countries remains Islamic. The paranoid submission to religion that Islam demands alongwith the call of Jihad to convert the world to Islam, goes against the spirit of both democracy and secularism. The countries of the Muslim world that we overrun are not Germany or Japan after World War 2. The populations of the Muslim countries hate us in a civilizational divide dating back to the foundation of Islam. This was not so in the case of Germany or Japan.

We need to first. break the stranglehold of Islam on the minds of these people and this calls for iron-clad measures. Only after we are able to break Islam, can we start the reconstruction of the post Islamic ex-Muslim countries. Till then the smart thing would be withdraw our troops from Afghanistan and Iraq and not send any more in the Islamic crescent. And to give Iraq and Afghanistan followed by other Islamic countries the Hiroshima treatment, one after the other, till they either give up Islam or perish.

Safeguarding our rear by neutralizing the enemy within

But before we begin such action globally, we need to safeguard our rear, in our homeland. For this we need to take into preventive custody all those whose loyalties as Americans are suspect. All Americans of middle-eastern origin and all tourists and students of Arab and Muslim extraction, including all Arab and Muslims in our military, should be relocated into reserves to be kept out of harms way (i.e. to keep them from harming us). We know that this suggestion will draw explosive reactions, but we cannot fight a war with half-hearted measures. The enemy we have living amidst us today in the War on Terror is far unlike the Japanese Americans or German Americans or those locally bred Nazis of World War 2 vintage. The enemy living amidst us today is really malignant and malicious. Only with our rear safeguarded we can rest assured that we will not be stabbed in our back in our homeland with our bridges blown off, railroads messed around and subway stations gassed, while we pursue the war on terror across the globe. No amount of pacification and appeasement by declaring that “Islam is a religion of peace” and by visiting Mosques will help us in protecting our rear and flanks, when we start sending broadsides to hit our enemy’s jugular in the final struggle. Hence these iron-clad measures need to be taken before we start the final struggle. There are no soft options if we are to win against a beastly enemy. Please ponder upon this unorthodox but honest advice, Mr. President.

Yours Sincerely

- Robin MacArthur
On behalf of the Team of Webmasters

P.S. : Looks like what we have recommended here has struck a responsive chord at the Pentagon. Recently an analysis of US war policy criticized a proposed Pentagon plan to use low potency nukes on enemy targets. Although the article is critical of the direction US policy is taking. We are heartened to note that the policy finally shows some sense in recognizing how a beastly enemy can be overcome.


How the bluff of Islam can be called, if we are to succeed in meeting the Muslim challenge to Human Civilization

All fanaticism is negative, all religious fanaticism is very negative and persistent – be it Hindu, Christian, Muslim or any other, and Islam is the most bloodthirsty expression of religious fanaticism; motivated as the Muslims are by the Instruction Manual of Terrorism – the Quran that has the ravings and rantings against the Kafirs (unbelievers) from the world’s most successful terrorist and the founding father of organized terrorism; Prophet Mohammed-ibn-Abdallah.

Reading about the Fidayeen attacks by Homicide bombers posing as a Jewish Rabbis, ordinary travellers in Jerusalem or as security guards and construction workers in Iraq, should be an eye opener at the Pentagon and the Oval office about the Muslim mind. The Muslim Homicide (or rather Genocide) Fidayeen bombers are now dead and so they can cause no more harm to anyone. This gives us insight into a morbid, but very real fact that – “A good Muslim, is a dead Muslim.” Many would recoil while reading such morbid-sounding statements. But all the Israeli schoolchildren and bus passengers killed were done to death by Muslims who also killed themselves in the bargain, the hijackers of the airliners on 9/11 could cause that apocalyptic destruction, because they too decided to die while killing others. Apart from 9/11, the Riyadh, Baghdad, Jerusalem, Casablanca, Karachi, Mumbai, Bali, Chechnya Bomb blasts ..and many more to come, all prove the same point.

A Muslim is in the business of killing – killing himself/herself while killings others of his/her species. If the human sanity is to survive Islam, then the bluff of Islam needs to be called. And it can be called only when Islam and all its believers face the threat and real prospect of being sent into the stillness of death. A stillness from where they could do no more harm to anyone else. In this scenario at times some innocents may get killed. Can’t help it when the scenario dictates that you either “kill or be killed”.

Those who want succeed in fighting the Jihad, have to out-match the boldness and paranoid commitment of the Muslims by declaring that their singular mission is to wipe out Islam from the face of this planet whatever that may cost in terms of human lives

And in this war, temporary setbacks to the Muslim Jihadis, like those in Afghanistan and Iraq serve no purpose, except for making them more wild and more willing to die while killing others. They are like man-eater tigers whom we Americans are merely wounding, but not hunting down. A hurt tiger is even more ferocious. So are the Jihadis. The point is to hunt down the Jihadis, so that they are dead meat, and so can harm no one any longer. They cannot be won over, their hearts cannot be won over. The only way into the heart of a Jihadi is to put a bullet into it! Till we Americans realize this bitter truth, we cannot win the war on terror.

We need to remember that the Muslims are audacious, they are paranoid, they are reckless, they don’t fear death, they seek it and welcome it, but only if they can kill others while killing themselves. They celebrate their own death and of their enemies, they rejoice at their enemy’s death and dance over their corpses. Islam is a psychological disorder from which one billion humans on this planet suffer. And so we need a doctor to perform the surgery to cut of this cancerous cyst of Islam from the body of global human society, or else the Human species will not survive as a civilized species.

The only way to defeat Islam is for its adversaries to outmatch the fanaticism, the audacity, the recklessness and the lust to kill that the Muslims have. Only a world leader who openly declares that it is his/her aim to destroy Islam worldwide by using thermonuclear weapons, can possibly strike terror in the minds (of the heartless) Muslims. Only he/she can defeat the Muslims, and deliver the human species from the paranoia of Islam. Yes, in Europe, there have been such leaders who came closest to defeating Islam. Leaders like Karl the Hammer who slaughtered two hundred thousand Muslim Arabs troops on the battlefield of Tours (Poitiers) 200 Kms. south of Paris, ending their Jihad in Western Europe in 732 C.E. and saved Europe from Islam. In Asia, there was Hulagu Khan who in 1238 sacked and burnt Baghdad to the ground after killing the Caliph alongwith the entire population of Baghdad, by putting the city to torch, bringing an end to the Islamic Caliphate. In normal times such persons cannot be role models for a civilized person, but these are abnormal times and do if we are to succeed in our mission to save Human civilization from the challenge of Islam, we need to destroy Islam, and for that unfortunately, we need to emulate Hulagu and Karl the Hammer (Charles Martel). In fact we need better their record by being even more efficient in the task, that they set about doing – since today our focus is global.

Yes this sounds morbid, but the alternative is our own destruction and the eclipse if not demise of Human civilization at the hands of the Muslims. For achieving this a determination to vaporize all forms of life across the Islamic crescent from Morocco to Indonesia is unavoidable. Not that one billion Muslims will have to be actually put to death (hopefully not), but only if such determination exists and is openly displayed, can we bring any sense into the minds of those of our species who operate at a beastly level. So we agree with our President George Bush when he says “we’ll hunt down” our enemies. If the enemy is a beast, then to save yourself you gotta be a hunter!

And unfortunately, if the Muslims persist in being paranoid killers that they have been for the last One Thousand and Four Hundred years since Islam was founded by the world’s most successful terrorist and the founding father of organized terrorism, the prophet Mohammed-ibn-Abdallah, then for the benefit of the rest of humankind, this determination would have to be acted upon up to its gory end. Our guess (and hope) is that once the Muslims see the determination in the rest of the world to destroy Islam whatever it has to cost in terms of human lives, can they sue for peace. And if they don’t, they will have to be sent into the stillness of death, so that the human species can once again pick up the journey towards building human civilization, in the post-Islamic phase of Human History.

We are told over and over again that the Muslims love death while killing others; and that they celebrate martyrdom while putting others to death. Great! Now it is high time for the rest of us to come together so that this death-seeking and death-glorifying bluff of Islam can be called by declaring that we intend to give martyrdom to all Muslims all over the globe. Islam that was born by the sword can go away only by the sword. Let’s see if all of them choose death or at least some of them choose to come to their senses. Either way the world stands to gain. We need to give them this hard choice if we are to succeed in meeting the Muslim challenge to Human Civilization.


Al Qaeda is planning attacks on Mecca using booby-trapped copies of the Quran

Muslim militants are planning attacks in Saudi Arabia’s holiest city, Mecca, using booby-trapped copies of Islam’s holy book, the Quran, to kill and maim pilgrims, a leading Saudi-owned newspaper reported on Wednesday.

The London-based daily Asharq al-Awsat quoted Saudi security sources as saying that this novel weapon was discovered in the arms caches police found after raiding militant hideouts in Mecca and the capital Riyadh in recent weeks.

Some of us may wonder how can the Al Qaeda which fights for Muslims and Islam, do this. But we need to understand that Islam is not just a tradition of the erroneous belief that the unknown universe is a god. This it of course is, like all other religions, but in addition to this, it is also and more importantly a violent, militaristic outlook out to conquer the world and to spread its outlook to the last human being on this planet on the pain of death.... much like that of Communism.

So the solution to the Muslim problem will have to be military, physical and necessarily violent. No other go.

But most non-Muslims mistake Islam to be only a god-seeking outlook like theirs. They keep on parroting that Islam is after all ONLY a god-seeking philosophy, and so inherently no religion is bad in its core; for this reason President Bush also keeps repeating that “Islam is a religion of peace.. blah, blah, bah”. All this is Bullshit.

Yes Islam is god seeking, but through its violent outlook for world conquest and bloody methods, it is first and foremost a mortal threat to free-thinking, to science and progress - and to all civilization.

The Al Qaeda represents primarily this major element in the outlook of Islam of being imperialist and militaristic to conquer the world; and hence the Al Qaeda can go to the extent of committing acts that are against the minor aspect of Islam as an outlook of an erroneous belief that the unknown universe is a god. Yes the Al Qaeda is Muslim, but will attack Muslims and use Islam if it can to pursue its goal of world conquest thru destabilization of the world, including destabilization of the Muslim world.

This is the crux of the matter that explains the above news item and also the attacks by the Al Qaeda on Muslim Arabs in Riyadh and elsewhere. We foresee more such attacks on Muslims by the Al Qaeda in the coming months.


Riyadh attacks on Arab Muslims by the Al Qaeda- Implications of the Jihadis turning on their own kind

With the terror attack on the mainly Arab Muslim residential complex in Riyadh, the Al Qaeda has sent out a signal that those on its hit list are not necessarily Westerners, but all those who collaborate with the Saudi regime. The declared aim of the Al Qaeda has always been to bring down the house of Saud, since it allows the American military to remain on Saudi soil. This attack proves that the Saudi regime remains an Al Qaeda target. But does that make the Saudi regime (or the Musharraf regime of Pakistan) a friend of the West or its sincere ally in the War against Terror? NO WAY.

We only need to remember that both the Saudi regime and successive Pakistani regimes (of Zia-ul-Haq, Benazir Bhutto, Nawaz Sharif, and Pervez Musharraf) have been the handmaiden of the Al Qaeda, it is they who fed the Jihadis to become the menace they are today. The Saudi regime has been bankrolling the establishment of Wahabi and Salafi madrasas across the globe, including those in the USA. The Pakistani regimes through the ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) have been the hidden hand that has built up the Taliban and the Al Qaeda.

Both the Saudi regime and the Musharraf regimes continue today to remain covertly a part of the Muslim Murder Machine.

The attack on the mainly Arab Muslim residential complex in Riyadh has only exposed the cracks in the devils alliance. The emerging situation is like a gang of bank robbers who after having conspired to rob the bank, have on smelling success, fallen apart with each other on the sharing of the spoils of their crime. Western Civilization in general represents the “Bank” which the Jihadis want to rob and the US in particular is the cop. So the cop cannot take sides when the gang of bank robbers have fallen apart while the robbery is in progress. The cop can use the fight to his advantage but cannot lose sight of the fact that all bank robbers are on the wrong side of the law! Nothing more needs to be read into this attack on the mainly Arab Muslim residential complex in Riyadh. There would be many more such attacks across the Muslim world in the coming months. But if the US makes the mistake of allowing these attacks to lower its emerging caution of the Saudi and Musharraf regimes’ duplicity, then it would be allowing itself to be lulled into a sense of complacency about the viper it has already allowed on its bosom. The US needs to remind itself that not only 15 out of the 19 hijackers were Saudi citizens, but four days after 9/11, on 13/11, a chartered Jet left the USA carrying two dozen members of the Bin Laden family. These were suspects who could have been grilled by the US authorities. The fact that they could leave the USA, just days after the worst terror attack, proves the clout the Saudis have with the US bureaucracy as well as the underhand links the Saudis have with the Bin Laden family who could have provided critical details about Osama bin Laden. Why did the Saudis have to spirit them out? How did they succeed in doing that? These questions underline the complicity of the Saudis in the 9/11 attacks. The Saudis obviously have something to hide. Which is also why the US administration has blanked out the critical pages in the report to Congress that would have presented damning evidence of the Saudi role in fomenting terrorism.

The Pakistanis, for their part have through their ISI financed the 9/11 terror attacks, apart from their more dangerous brinkmanship of proliferating nuclear weapons to Iran, Saudi Arabia and to other nations across the Islamic crescent.. The US should be extra alert now, since the terror alliance seems to be cracking up. Although the US can well exploit the emerging divisions to its advantage, if it makes the mistake of trusting either the Saudi or the Musharraf regimes, it could be opening a chink in its armor, through which a much more devastating terror attack on US soil could be launched by the diabolical minds which are a common factor across the Al Qaeda, the Saudis and the Pakis.

The shape of things to come in the Middle East.

The Riyadh attacks are a preview of what is to come in the future. We guess that Middle East will collapse from inside-out (this will happen in a year or so to coincide with the 2004 American Presidential elections). The millions of expatriates in the Middle East will face a bleak future. We feel sorry for them, but none can help what is in store for them. Those who escape in time before that would be lucky. Those who prefer to stay on there will face a re-run of what happened to the Hindus in Pakistan during the Partition… this time at Arab hands.


Syrian and Iranian interests in destabilizing Iraq

With the increasing number of Syrians and other non-Iraqi fighters being apprehended and killed in Iraq, it is certain that the Baathists are no longer the main movers behind the increasing number of attacks on American troops. The baton has gone to different hands. Many of us fail to see the undercurrent to the increasing disturbances in Iraq - It is the growing terror attacks in Iraq, which have provided some breathing space to Syria and Iran and even to Saudi Arabia. As long as American hands are tied down in Iraq they would not turn the focus on Syria or Iran. And with Iraq being demonstrated as a case where American action fails to bring in stability, the stronger is the case to counter American action in Syria, Iran or later in Saudi Arabia. The unseen hand of these countries through their intelligence agencies in collaboration with not just Al Qaeda and Ansar-al-Islam, but with the faceless jihadi flotsam has a vested interest in keeping Iraq on the boil by night, while pretending to fight terrorism by the day and pull wool over American eyes.

So it is evident in whose interests it would be to keep Iraq on the boil and make it increasingly uncomfortable for the Americans in Iraq?? Obviously Syria and Iran primarily and also Saudi Arabia and other GCC (Gulf Co-operation Council) states . We Americans better keep this angle in mind when countering terror in liberated Iraq.


Has a Countdown begun for the next Arab-Israeli War after Ramadan - After Syria, Will Israel Hit Iran and eventually Saudi Arabia?

Now that Syria has become the first anti-terror target to be hit, will Iran and Saudi Arabia be next in line. Especially with President George Bush saying in front of the global media that; “Israel has a right to defend itself and it need not feel constrained while doing that.” And with Sharon taking cue and declaring that “Israel will strike its enemies anywhere with any means”, things seem to be ominous. This time around with an Arab-Israeli war being a part of the War on Terror, things will be much different from 1967’s Six day war or 1973’s Yom-Kippur War. This time, Israeli and American armies would move in a co-ordinated manner against Syria, Egypt and Iran, with Israel picking off select targets in Saudi Arabia. We Americans would not want direct involvement in the Hejaz (Saudi Arabia) initially and use the Israelis to test the waters before we finally take over the Hejaz peninsula. The Israeli action could start off with Iran. This would include an Israeli strike on Busheher and Natanz Nuclear sites in Iran followed by a full-fledged air and ground assault against Lebanon and Syria.

The ace question is of Pakistan. In a scenario when the entire Middle East is in flames, what will this only nuclear Islamic nation do? Enter the fray against the US? Or to deflect attention, attack India? This doomsday scenario may seem to be a farce today, but in the months to come it would become a reality. And what could bring this scenario nearer depends on what the Jihadis do till then with a dramatic terrorist attack anywhere in the Dar-ul-Harb (non-Muslim world).

While on this we need to know that a CIA report on threats in Iraq has identified Iran, Saudi Arabia and Syria as the leading supporters of the Sunni insurgency against the U.S. military. The report asserted that the three countries have contributed insurgents and funding to a range of groups, including al-Qaeda and Hizbullah. The CIA report has marked the first time when Saudi Arabia has been specifically identified as a supporter of the Sunni insurgency in Iraq.

In the light of this, we can expect Israel to take action against terror targets like Saudi Arabia and Iran. And in a few months time we shall see Israeli planes flying over Tabuk, Riyadh, Dhahran, Mecca and Medina.

And just mark our words: Even, if the Israelis wait for too long, tempered by calls for restraint from the Oval Office, the Mujahids of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Fatah, egged on by the Al Qaeda infiltrators, are not going to similarly wait. They will give Israel the causus belli by a spectacular attack on the Knesset or by blowing away the Wailing Wall. Israel better be ready to take the quantum jump that will take war into the next phase.


After Iraq what and where?

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has set the stage for the next stage of the war against terrorism by sounding a note of caution to Syria and Iran who have surreptitiously started sending clandestine arms shipments into Iraq. “The consequences will be serious” says Rumsfeld. And they better be if we are to overcome a determined and paranoid enemy whose nationality is not limited to Iraq.


Pakistani Intelligence hand behind 9/11

According to a recent Fox News report, the FBI has found military and financial links of Pakistan's Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) with the 9/11 attacks. According to the FBI, the ISI has also been supplying WMDs to the Al Qaeda and has helped Iran's nuclear program. It is only a matter of time before the whole story of Pakistan's role in militarily and financially sponsoring the hallmark terror attacks of 9/11 is brought out in the open. The FBI report is only the tip of the iceberg. There is more to it than meets the eye. Going by the signals coming from the White House, after Iran and Syria are tackled, the war against terror is going to move towards its military kingpin – Pakistan, and thereafter to its ideological kingpin Saudi Arabia. The Pakistani dictator Musharraf has read the American mind, when he said some days back that after Iraq, the US will turn to Pakistan. The FBI report reinforces what Musharraf said and is an indication of the shape of things to come. The future is gonna be interesting - keep watching.


The War that has started in Iraq can end only when we plant the Stars and Stripes over the rubble of the Kaaba

Seeing the video footage of the two British servicemen who were assassinated by the now defeated and dissolved Saddam’s murderous military and the news of our own marines being subjected to physical torture was an eye opener. So far we have heard over here, news about Islamic armies torturing captured POWs by cutting off their ears, noses and even penis and stuffing them down the victim’s throat. These are the less gruesome methods employed! Yes we’ve heard that the Fidayeen also stuff boiled eggs into the private parts of captured female prisoners, rejoice over the deaths of their adversaries and dance over their dead bodies!

The barbarity and depravity of our enemies, the enemies of humankind is sickening. Pardon me folks, with this kind of an enemy facing us, and the rage that it is fuelling against us on the Arab street, my guess is that the war that has started in Iraq can end only when we plant the Stars and Stripes (and the Union Jack) over the rubble of the Kaaba at Mecca. …Howsoever, long that may take, as President Bush said at Camp David in the august presence of our guest, friend and ally Prime Minister Blair. Our advice is that we do not require more troops to be sent to fight the war on terror, but more hellfire with MOABs Daisy Cutters and soon with thermonuclear weapons. If we do not make these hard choices fast enough, the going will be very hard and very, very costly for us in terms of the lives of our servicemen. Let us repeat that this war which has started in Iraq can end only when we plant the Stars and Stripes (and the Union Jack) over the rubble of the Kaaba at Mecca, “where lies buried Mahomet, the devil of the infidels” (to use the phrase of a 15th century Portuguese historian). Hoisting the Stars and Stripes at Umm Qasr was only a beginning.

War on Terror - Humanitarian Crisis and Inhuman Creeds

With footage of injured and dead civilians being shown on all news channels the natural human revulsion against suffering will manifest itself in the civilized world and will lead to an even greater clamor to stop the war on terror. In the Arab and Muslim world these shots of human suffering will further fuel Muslim rage against the West. And naturally so, when those dying and suffering are Muslims and Arabs. The story would have been different if say we Americans had been behind the recent slaying of 24 Kashmiri Hindus at Nadimarg near Srinagar. A preposterous statement you would say, why should Americans kill innocent Hindu Pandits in Kashmir. What have the Hindus done to us Americans? It was not the Hindus who brought about 9/11. Oh yes it was not the Hindus who could have done any such thing as 9/11, nor would we Americans kill innocent Hindus. But can the Muslims do a 9/11 and can they also kill innocent Hindus. Why ask such a question when we all know that the Muslims have committed these two crimes and countless others ever since the world’s most widespread and long surviving cult of violence unleashed itself on the world from Medina 1400 years back.

So how justified were we Americans when there was unintended collateral damage in the form of civilian deaths when we went about a pre-emptive war against the a cruel despot who has used Chemical weapons in the past and will do so again in the near future? History will decide that. History will decide how much violence can a law enforcing agency use to subdue lawlessness in the world. Suffice it to say here that when we squirm in our drawing rooms when seeing the images of the suffering civilians in Iraq, let us remember that those who brought about 9/11 and those who killed the Hindu Pandits in cold blood belonged to the same religion, same culture and same mindset as the suffering Iraqi civilians. And had it been possible these very suffering civilians would have been the cause of our suffering had they not been neutralized in the pre-emptive strike that we recently witnessed in Iraq and which we will witness in different swathes of the Islamic world in the months and years to come.

Let us not lose sight of this overall picture and remember the track record hatred, violence and bloodshed of the Islamists whenever they had the upper hand, those black deeds which they will do once again when and if they get a chance in the future. The world better be prepared to bear to the sights of those suffering Iraqis, or else we ourselves will have to suffer at their hands and there will be nobody to weep for us when and if this unlikely scenario happens. We say unlikely because the world is now awakening to the terror that Islam is all about.

Why is a Cruel Dictator like Saddam so popular in the Muslim world?

Did you ever wonder why a Cruel Dictator like Saddam is so popular in the Muslim world? The answer is people admire another person if they share something with the person they are admiring. Any average practicing Muslim is as cruel, as close-minded, as fanatical and as prone to terrorize others as is Saddam Hussein (or Osama, or Hafez Assad, or any one from terror organizations like the Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Tanzim, Hezbollah). The civilized world better wake up to this reality, since today one fourth of the human population is under the spell of the cult of paranoid violence named Islam. And this is the reason why scientists, painters, doctors, nurses, or any peace-loving person is never a hero in the eyes of the Muslims, but tyrants like Saddam and murderous maniacs like Osama are role models for an average Muslim. Hence today they are rooting for Saddam from Indonesia to Pakistan to Egypt. Moral of the story : Most Muslims are basically like Saddam and Osama.

Why are WMDs dangerous when they are in Saddam’s hands but harmless when they are with Sharon, Bush or Blair….. or for that matter even with Putin, Jiang, Vajpayee or Chirac?

The WMDs themselves are not dangerous by themselves, it is the mindset of those in whose hands they reside is what makes them dangerous or otherwise. Saddam and Khameini, (or Musharraf, and god knows how many other Muslim despots) have WMDs. Muslims are the most violent specimens of religious fanaticism. This is not to say that fanatics of other religious persuasions are angels. The trident wielding Hindus who force others to chant “Jai Sri Ram” and those deceptively humane looking but paranoidly insistent Christian missionaries out to harvest the souls of the pagans, are other specimens of negative and socially destructive human behavior. But all said and done they are far less dangerous than the bloodthirsty Muslims who are out to terrorize the world into submission to Islam. And so WMDs in the hands of those with an Islamic mindset is what makes the WMDs dangerous.

A fanatic belonging to any religion may appear to be human in his/her physical form, but all of them have the temperament of wild animals. The way a wild animal attacks and kills its adversary, the most violent among the religious fanatics will go to the extent of killing another person, if he/she does not agree to convert to the religion of the fanatic. Needless to tell you that the most Vicious among the religious fanatics call themselves – Muslims. And what Saddam has in common with Musharraf, Prince Fahd and the Ayatollahs - is Islam; something which Saddam does not have in common with Ariel Sharon, George Bush, Tony Blair, Vladimir Putin, Jiang Jemin or Jacques Chirac – although all of them have WMDs under their control.

The Real WMD is the mind of the Theology-inspired Terrorist

While there is and will be talk of finding the WMDs, we say that it is this Instruction Manual of Terrorism that has made the mind of every practicing Muslim a Weapon of Mass Destruction! A weapon that the free world cannot allow to cause further destruction. Yeah all fanatics are bad enough be they Christian, Jewish, Hindu or Communist. But then a Muslim is programmed to be the most violent and cruel among all in addition to being the most well organized globally into terrorist networks lavishly financed by petrodollars.

We in the Western world and the coalition forces better realize real fast that we are up against a beastly enemy who has no qualms for foul methods of warfare.

Has the Muslim concept of war changed since the days of Mohammed?

The need of the hour is to realize that while our methods of warfare and outlook towards life has undergone a sea-change since the Crusades, that of our Muslim adversaries is still very much the same as it was during the days of Prophet Mohammed. But even so, we cannot expect our forces to emulate what our ancestors did during the crusades when combating this enemy. In those days, in exceptional circumstances of food shortages, enemy combatants were devoured - fulfilling a dual purpose of slaying the enemy and making him the source of physical sustenance for the Crusader army. No, we cannot and will not go to that gruesome practice of the Crusades. That’s horrendous. But we need to remember that the zeal which Peter the Hermit infused in the Coalition which made up the first Crusade is what gave the much needed killer instinct to make the first Crusade victorious. And when we faltered due to the chivalry of Richard the Lionheart we had to face defeat at the hands of Saladin.

Can we be like the crusaders who made up the first Crusade? Tough Question. Since, after so many centuries we have changed, we believe in an honorable fight, where non-combatants are not fired upon and the white flag is not used as a camouflage to fire on our enemies. But the mentality of our adversary has not changed - frozen as it is by what is said in the Instruction Manual of Terrorism. So what is to be done by the Allied forces today?

We cannot and will not issue a decree saying that it is holy duty of Christians and Jews to kill Muslims. That’s ridiculous! The question is what do we do today while we face a beastly enemy? Hunt them down? How? Our forefathers only a couple of hundred years back rose up to a similar situation and nurtured in us the cowboy spirit to know that one who pulls the trigger first, lives. This saw us through the days of the Wild West to build today the most powerful nation on this globe.

Special situations call for special reflexes if the situation is not to become desperate and go out of control. Today we cannot allow the enemy’s dirty tricks to add to our casualties. We simply cannot and will not allow that. The time will soon come for us to take a call on when and how many (Massive Ordnance Air Blasts) MOABs to drop on enemy targets.

In the war on Terror, we waste millions of dollars in firing Cruise missiles for destroying Palaces (like those of Saddam's) and other pompous symbols. But then these symbols of real estate emptied of their residents, are not our enemies. On 9/11, the enemy used our planes, our fuel and our infrastructure to lead to three thousand American casualties. We need to do likewise at least at the enemy’s military personnel.

During the Strike on Iraq why did the Precision Guided Missiles land inside Iran?

Mistakes do happen during a war, so the above headline need not cause eyebrows to be raised. But the question remains that during the Strike on Iraq how, and why could have Precision Guided Missiles made their way into Iran?

Modern technology of Precision Guided Missiles and Laser Guided Bombs along with the house to house mapping based on high resolution satellite images, have made it possible even to decide which window a missile goes through. But then to err is human and missiles are operated by humans and so mistakes do happen. The closest we came to such a “miss” or rather a hit was at the Chinese embassy at Belgrade during the bombing of Serbia. And we assume that was a mistake.

Now the mistake has happened again, so it is one this time around? And in the present context can we guess that the next on the agenda for War against terror has been indicated at by the, not one but four Precision Guided Tomahawk Missiles that made their way inside Iran, with one of them sticking an oil refinery at Abadan – with precision.

By this time next year or maybe earlier, the War against Terror (Jihad) would have moved to the next target on the Axis of Evil – Iran. So after Saddam’s Evil Dictatorship, the twilight of the Ayatollahs will be brought to at an end, once Iran comes under the receiving end of the Tomahawk Cruise missiles. A not so camouflaged hit (oops sorry, we mean - hint) of which has given by the missiles that touch-based targets in Iran in the opening days of the Iraq chapter of the War against Terror (Jihad). The hatred that the Ayatollah’s have bred against whom they call the “Great Satan” (USA) was indicated when they instigated their supporters to storm the US Embassy in Tehran and hold its staff hostage for months together, during the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979.

We guess, that now that the Strike against Iraq has been concluded, that on Syria, Iran and eventualy Pakistan will start. The remarks about Syria's bio-chemical weapons and the UN’s focus on Iran’s nuclear reactors has set the first stage for a build-up towards a strike on Iran. And looking even further, maybe during the Strike on Iran, as the next chapter of this War against Terror (Jihad), some precision guided missiles could land in Pakistan. Let’s see. The future sure is going to be interesting and very very lively.


What President Bush can learn from Hulagu Khan.

Hulagu Khan as the name might otherwise indicate, was not a Muslim. He was a pagan Mongol chieftain who in the 13th century sacked Baghdad and brought about an end to the Islamic Caliphate. He was the first in the history of Islam to successfully invade a Muslim country and defeat the Muslims in their own land. His brutality, in which he out-matched the brutality of the Muslims was one factor for his military success against the Muslim rulers of Baghdad.

Where Hulagu Failed, despite Military success

When Hulagu captured Baghdad in 1258 C.E., he set the city on fire after a brutal massacre of all those living in the city. He was the first conqueror to be successful militarily against a Muslim country, as till then the Muslims had never been defeated in their own land. Their defeat at the hands of Charles Martel in France in 732 was in the nature of their invasion being stopped and rolled back. So Hulagu gets the credit for having invaded the Caliphate, sacking the capital after luring in a trap and murdering the Caliph. But despite this unprecedented military success, Hulgau was not effective in overcoming his Muslim adversaries, as his descendants three generations later were converted to Islam and became advocates of a religion that Hulagu had put to the torch.

The lesson here is that, military decisiveness is a necessary, but not a sufficient condition for success in defeating religious fanaticism, of which Islam is the most brutal expression. Something that President George Bush should bear in mind as he has now successfully followed Hulagu Khan’s footsteps into Baghdad.

So what should we Americans do? Should we be as brutal as Hulagu to counter modern-day Islamic savagery in the form of a bio-chemical or thermo-nuclear attack with a dirty bomb from the Jihadis? The answer to this question is matter of military strategy. We can only say that if the answer is ‘Yes”, then this is not be a sufficient condition to defeat the enemy, or rather to win it over from its outlook of brutal religious fanaticism. If after stunning military success, Hulagu’s descendants embraced the outlook of their enemies, then they had failed to recognize what was central in their adversary’s outlook. And so they had themselves had fallen prey to the root, the very core of their adversary’s existence. Needless to add that the root, the very core of their adversary’s existence was, and is today, the Islamic faith which is the most brutal expression of fanaticism.

It is this very root of the adversary’s existence which will have to be rooted out of the minds of those whom we have subdued at Baghdad, if they are to re-mould the liberated Iraq as a democratic and liberal state.

The mindset of religious fanaticism is counter-productive to a democratic mindset.

The two cannot prevail together – one will have to eventually go the question is which one? Which one of the two will go away from the liberated Iraq - the outlook of religious fanaticism or a democratic mindset? In Christian Europe of Galileo’s days too the Church was in conflict with science and secular affairs. But the issue was resolved by a separation of the Church and the state, with the evolution of a secular outlook in temporal affairs, first in Europe and then in the New World (Americas)

Coming back to Hulagu Khan, he did not have the sagacity to perceive the root, the very core of the his adversary’s mindset. Hence his descendants fell prey to that root, the very core of their enemy’s mindset viz. the worst and most brutal form of religious fanaticism - Islam.

But President Bush, and Prime Minister Blair have the sagacity to recognize the root, the very core of the adversary’s mindset as the reason for the malaise that brought about 9/11, although they may be diplomatic about it by not stating it openly. The point is to recognize that the Islamic mindset is at the root of the adversary’s mindset, a mindset which is counter–productive to building a democratic society. And if bringing democracy to the middle east is the aim, then it is a foregone conclusion that an outlook that is the most brutal and savage form of religious fanaticism will have to be rooted out from the Middle East, and in fact from all over the globe. Needless to add that once this fanaticism withers (and it will not wither so easily), it should not be replaced by any other form of fanaticism whether religious or non-religious, if freedom and democracy are to prevail in a world where they are cherished and protected.


The Rationale for superceding the UN and replacing it with an Emergency Council

At the outbreak of a war, all normal peacetime laws are suspended. Wars throw up unforeseen contingency situations requiring urgent action, hence a state of emergency is declared suspending those peacetime legal provisions that could obstruct the war effort. Today when we have successfully concluded the War to disarm Saddam, as a first step to disarm other elements of the Axis of Evil, this step is called for with regards to the UN.

Needless to add that now that Iraq has been dealt with, the gathering focus on Iran’s nuclear designs, spells out Iran as the next goal for the disarming of the Jihadis. The disarmament of Pakistan of its WMDs will follow the disarmament of Iran, regardless of the fact whether Musharraf continues to hold on to power or whether he is overthrown by overtly Jihadi generals there. Those to be brought into the disarmament dragnet sooner or later would include the covert Jihadi regimes of Syria, Libya, Sudan, and the last round would include Saudi Arabia (with the bomb blast at the expatriate compound in Riyadh), Egypt, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc. This pattern would hold if the overt Jihadis do not take control from the covert Jihadis ruling these countries, necessitating immediate action.

While all this will happen, what is pertinent today at the eve of the beginning of this epic exercise of disarming the Jihadis beginning with Saddam, is that the USA, UK, Spain, Australia, and all other sensible nations should move towards having war-time provisions that would enable immediate reflex action to counter any sudden onslaught on the West by the Jihadis. An onslaught which is sure to happen, but which will be unpredictable in the way it happens.

One certain danger is that the terror strikes in the future will be organized not only by the Al Qaeda but by the new generation of organizations of the Jihadis that are now being spawned by the fury and frenzy that has overtaken those with an inherent Jihadi mentality. This would spell a new chapter in the savagery of Jihadi terror. The homicide truck bomb attack on the UN Headquarters in Baghdad is only a first pointer in this direction.

Now that Saddam has been deposed the 1st phase of the Iraq war is over and the 2nd has begun. Today we are at the eve of the epic and historic War to disarm the Jihadis. So we need to suspend all normal peacetime laws and as this war is going to have global and a long term implications, what needs to be suspended first is the United Nations Organization. The measures that would be necessary on the part of the civilized world cannot be hamstrung by a talking shop where the Jihadis and their pusillanimous allies from “le ancien regime” of Old Europe hold a brute majority where they can overrule the sagacity of those who recognize the challenge of the Jihad that is staring the civilized world in its face.

Follow-up to the Anglo-American-Spanish meeting at the Azores

The meeting at the Azores that was held in March 2003, should now be followed up to supercede the UN with an Emergency Council that could authorize the member states of the alliance to take contingency civil and military measures to overcome any unforeseen situations that would pop-up once the global war against terror become more intense with Syria, Iran Pakistan and eventually Egypt and Saudi Arabia becoming the targets of pre-emptive US action.

During a war all dissent is prohibited and if necessary all dissenters who disturb the war effort are kept in check and/or custody. Today we cannot keep the governments of dissenting states in custody. But we can at least start winding up the UN by asking it to vacate its premises at New York, suspend all financial contributions to this peacetime talking shop and replace it with a formal, Emergency Council. Maybe the UN could relocate to Paris, Berlin or maybe to Geneva where the defunct League of Nations once had its offices, before the outbreak of World War 2.


The hidden aim of the sponsored anti-war, anti-globalization rallies and agitations for human rights and civil liberties

The peaceniks who are demonstrating in droves against the War against Islamic Terror are the handmaiden of Jihadis, who with these massive road shows against the war, want to tie up American hands, till the Islamic world has nuclear parity with the West after which the Jihadis can challenge and try to defeat the West openly.

The agitations for human rights and civil liberties are a facade to tie up the hands of the USA in its fight against the Jihadis. We better be aware of this. Those agitating for human rights and civil liberties are those totalitarian communists and socialists, who never gave such liberties to people under their rule. We need only to remember their treatment of Alexander Solzhenitsyn and Andrei Sakharov in the former Soviet Union (USSR) and of many others in the former communist bloc. These discredited and now overthrown totalitarian communists are shedding crocodile tears in the name of human rights and civil liberties for the murderous Jihadis.

The time for the world is to brush aside these former communists who are agitating on the streets hand-in-glove with the Jihadis and to act against the Islamic Jihad NOW. The battle in Iraq was only the second chapter, as that in Afghanistan was the first. But there are many more and decisive battles to be won in this long epic war in front of us to finally overcome the Islamic Jihad.


Where is the War against Terror heading?

Till recently the focus was all on Iraq. But now that Iraq has been dealt with, what will follow? And why was Iraq first on the list? Some say it is Oil, but then Oil is only a part of the story.

Iraq had to be the first is since it presents a natural reason for being struck since it has flouted UN resolutions for eleven years after brazenly attacking Kuwait. Now that Iraq has been tackled, Syria and Sudan would have to be told that since they harbour terrorists, they need to flush them out; or the global anti-terror coalition will move in to do that. And the anti-terror coalition will in fact move in to do that. The land assault being preceded by the due softening of targets inside Syria and Sudan through a sustained air campaign.

Now that Iraq has been tackled, Syria/Iran are being told that they have nukes, and soon thereafter Pakistan will also be told this and will be asked to open up its installations to global weapons inspectors following which they will be asked to hand over their nukes and delivery systems to ensure non-proliferation and the WMDs fallings into wrong hands. An acceptance of this demand could lead to a coup in Pakistan. Iran on its part will outright refuse to comply. In both cases it will necessitate military action. Pakistan and Iran will be struck and dealt with before the anti-terror campaign turns to other Islamic states Pakistan and Iran could come first in the list since they are non-Arab states.

After this part is accomplished would come the kingpin Saudi Arabia and Egypt who will be told that their Govts are allies in the war against terror, so they need to be helped in flushing out the terrorists operating from within these countries. How this part of the campaign would go depends on how the Saudi and Egyptian Govts co-operate. And also if the much dreaded coup or popular uprisings overthrow these Govts. If this happens then this part of the campaign would mirror the Iraq chapter of the anti-terror campaign. The mopping up operations after this would pick up Indonesia, Malaysia, North Africa, Central Asia (from Chehnya to Chinese Turkestan)

Thus in a systematic manner, the military prowess of the Terrorist Crescent will be flushed down the drain, bit by bit. The anti-terror coalition, can't flush all of them down at one time. This would make it a difficult and dangerous task, given the terrorists' lust to kill. The statements of the Chechens at the Moscow Opera when they held 800 Russians as hostages, that: "We are more keen to die (and kill) than you Russians are keen to live" illustrates the paranoid enemy mindset. Of course after the long and arduous campaign leads the global anti-terror alliance to global victory, we will have to deal with an altogether different situation. But we guess that by then the geo-political situation would be such that then it would be easier for sensible folks across the globe to have a reasonable world order where the rational and humanist outlook guides us to a safe and prosperous future.


The Jihadi gameplan

The Jihadi gameplan is to force a fight between the West and Islam. Ironical as it may sound, they have wanted the US to attack Iraq. The Jihadis want the Muslim world to be in a ferment against the West. This serves the outlook of the Jihadis. Peace across the globe does not suit their outlook of either killing or converting the Kafirs (non-Muslims). This mentality of the Jihadis is also reflected in devastating attacks in Israel whenever the Israelis relent and open the checkpoints. This mentality is also seen in Kashmir in the terror strikes during the recently concluded elections. The Jihadis will strike whenever peace threatens to break out. They are at war with peace! In this situation the best bet for the rest of us is to be at perpetual war with the Jihadis till the last of them is done in. So an attack on Iraq must not only take place, but it would have to be followed-up by one on Syria, and that by another on Sudan, followed by one on Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, etc. We cannot allow ourselves to rest till the threat of the Jihad is put out of the way for all across the globe for all time to come.

It is our guess that the Jihadis attacked the French Oil tanker and struck Moscow to force president Putin's hand on Iraq, so that he would not block the American resolution on Iraq at the UN. (That Putin and Chirac did not get a chance to use the veto is now history). Ironical as it looks, the Jihadis always desperately wanted an American attack on Iraq to take place. This way they have got rid of the non-conformist, but ruthless and cruel, Baathist and modernist Saddam Hussein and have made the Muslim world rise in ferment against the West. The American attack on Iraq has served the Jihadis both ways - the Murtad (apostate) Saddam has gone while raising the anti-West temper in the Ummah.

We also feel that the Jihadis will do something spectacularly destructive in France to force the French into the war on Terror. The ramming of an explosive-laden craft in the massive French Oil Tanker at Yemen was the first fired but failed shot. The second one may take place in Paris using chemical weapons. The find of Ricin in a Paris suburb is one indication. The French better be extra alert.


Sniper attacks a new front in Asymmetric Warfare?

As it has been proved the Washington area snipers (who raised panic a few months back) had a motivation similar to the Al Qaeda. The duo were finally arrested. But this may not be the end of the story. Some new sniper will re-surface after a few months in another area. We suspect that such attacks will start taking place in different countries too. Lets see. With sniper attacks, the Jihadis can mess up the day-to-day life the common American citizens. The Jihadi gameplan is to make the people so frightened that they dread every minute of their lives.

Before the snipers were arrested we had raised a pertinent question: Has even one of the persons killed by the sniper been a Muslim or Arab?? Has the sniper attacked worshippers coming out of Mosques? No. This itself told a story. The hefty ransom demand for millions of dollars was only a red herring. And if the hefty ransom has at all been paid, then it would have gone to finance more sniper attacks as the new Asymmetric front of the global Jihad. We suspect that similar sniper attacks will resume after a lapse in a new area in any part of the globe.


A lesson for The Govt of India for sending Troops to Iraq

The Govt of India (GOI) has also a lesson for itself here. While it refused to support the American initiative on Iraq, and now refuses to send Troops to Iraq, it expects the US to back it on Kashmir while tackling the same problem of terrorism. It is quite possible that in the next few months, the GOI will be left with a red face, if the shrewd Pakistani dictator suddenly makes a volte-face and says that in the interests of fighting global terrorism, he backs the US war on terror in any part of the globe and is willing to send Troops to Iraq. The slow moving GOI will then look for a big fig leaf to do a similar volte-face. As it is after 9/11 the GOI lost out to the Pakis due to reason of geographical proximity of Pakistan to the then enemy (Taliban), the GOI can now lose out due to the timely upstaging of support to the US by the more agile and shrewd Pakistani dictator. At least the GOI could go by the adage "Silence is Golden" on the issue of supporting the US assault on the Jihadis, if it does not want to commit itself either way. It seems that due to its policy still being hamstrung to the defunct psychology of the non-aligned movement, the GOI is going to lose another opportunity to tune itself into the global war against terror.


The American attack on Iraq will eventually be a Catapult for the next phase of the War against Terrorism

Afghanistan being a non-Arab country, the war there was a mild trailer of what is to come. Iraq is different ballgame. It is the most powerful militarily among the Arab countries. Most Arab governments did not want Saddam, but they still want a militarily strong Iraq. In the 1980s, they helped Saddam against Iran in the Iran-Iraq war, but he turned against them in his expansionist ambitions when he annexed Kuwait. Thus he spoilt the Pan-Arab show.

Now the Arabs are more worried, since with Iraq subdued, the war against terror will certainly in a year's time or less, move on to Syria, Iran and eventually on to Pakistan Saudi Arabia and other theaters, till it covers every nook and cranny of the world where the Jihadis are present. The future is going to be interesting to watch as the war against terror unfolds.


French and German fears in joining the Coalition

The US had a hard time convincing Russia and its European allies to back the now successfully completed attack on Iraq. The obstructionist French attitude will continue to prevail in the future. The Europeans did the same dithering when tackling Hitler. They allowed him to overrun Austria, as they backed Saddam in his attack on Iran, they allowed Hitler to take Czech Sudetenland, as they stood by for five months when Saddam swallowed Kuwait (And had it not been for US determination, the Europeans would not have lifted a finger against Saddam in 1991), they allowed Hitler to militarize the Rhineland and to re-activate the German Airforce under the guise of flying clubs, as they have allowed Saddam to amass WMDs. He would have gone nuclear much earlier, had the Israelis not destroyed his reactor in a daring air raid.

Now it is high time for the Europeans to stop repeating their mistakes of 1938 in the year 2003.

Today once again while the US goes it alone in the War against Terror, with the exception of UK, none of the EU (European Union) states are ready to openly back the US. What lies in the back of European minds is the eerie prediction that Muslim armies are prophesied to overrun Europe in the first stage of the third war, bringing the papacy to an end while ravaging the heart and center of Christendom. Even if one discounts the prophesies of Nostradamus as irrational; we cannot but help projecting the trajectories of the union of interests as seen in the Arab League unanimously condemning any proposed American attack on Iraq and the startling statement of Amre Moussa the Secretary-General of the Arab League that an attack on Iraq would open the “gates of hell” and that it would be considered to be an attack on all Arab states. This ominously reflects the NATO outlook where an attack on one of its member states is considered to be an attack on all. And now with Russia an invitee to the NATO and most of the former Warsaw Pact members having been co-opted into the NATO, the polarization seems to be telling - Muslim nations on one side and non-Muslim (mainly Christian on the other). Again the similarity to the Cross Vs. Crescent scenario in Nostradamus's writings are chillingly uncomfortable.

And more uncomfortable to the Europeans because it is they, who lie on the route of an Islamic invasion of the Western world. Twice the Europeans have had to turn back invading Muslim armies - once at Tours in 732 and then at Vienna in the 17th century. Now the developments could see a repetition of these events, if Nostradamus' prophesy of Muslim armies overrunning Europe is to come true. No nation would want its own home to be vandalized, although any nation would want its enemy to be destroyed if the battle is fought one the soil of either the enemy nation or on that of a third nation. (This also explains the US concern for Homeland Security after 9/11 and Prez Bush's visits to mosques and repeated statements that "Islam is a peaceful religion", while pursuing the war against terror all across the globe).

Incidentally, the successful US attack on Iraq, will eventaully invite violent retribution, as the bomb blasts at Riyadh, Baghdad, Jerusalem, Casablanca, Chechnya, Karachi, Bali, Mumbai have already borne out. There is much much more to come. The forces that want to defend civilization against religious fanaticism, better be alert.

The anti-War protests – the 2nd front of the Jihadis

A second front that the Jihadis have opened up surreptitiously against the Western world seems to have escaped their attention. The second front of the Jihadis to embarrass the US and the West is the anti-war rampage. Who finances the violent protests across the world? Have you thought about that? The Jihadis are also funding non-Muslim terrorist organisations like the ETA - the Basque separatist organisation. Have you noticed how ETA attacks have grown more frequent and more daring after 9/11 and that the attacks are now centered on economically emasculating Spain by terrorizing the popular Spanish Tourist spots and frighten the European tourists who come seeking Spain’s sunny beaches. The other pattern is that of ETA targeting EU meetings in Spain. The message is clear the ETA is on the rampage - but why more so after 9/11? That is the question. (The Jihadis are also trying to open communication channels with other non-Muslim terrorist organisations like the IRA (Irish Republican Army) and the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam), but have not made any headway with them so far.

The Jihadis are meticulously planning a fifth column in the Western World, as another front of their asymmetric warfare. It is high time the US and the West opened its eyes to the happenings around them and give up the delusion that this is not their war against Islam. They may delude themselves by saying that. But for the Jihadis, this is surely a war of Islam on the rest of the world. Whenever they had their way the Jihadis have moved through an unsuspecting and ill-prepared victim nation like a hot knife through butter; now if human civilization is to be saved, then it is high time for that butter to turn into lava so as to melt the knife of the Islamic Jihad.


"Discuss Kashmir followed by Oldham, London, Small Arabia (in New York) tomorrow"

The Americans can force-start a discussion on Kashmir and enforce a Roadmap to peace between Israel and Palestinians today… but they do not realise that this will have to be followed by a discussion on Oldham, Leeds, Burnley, small Arabia (in New York) …etc., tomorrow. Western statesmen who are asking India to talk to Pakistan about Kashmir and are asking Israel to talk to the Palestinians, should realize that one day this logic will take them to a disaster. Someday the unruly Muslim mobs at Oldham, Leeds, Burnley and in other cities in the West will ask for special privileges, protection of minority rights and later for a separate state that could decide to become a part of any Muslim nation (so as to belong to the Ummah). Western statesmen need to watch out when they fall prey to demands for minority rights, self-determination, etc coming from Muslims in any corner of the globe. Since the ultimate aim of most Muslims is to have an environment where there is no place for non-Muslims anywhere on this globe, this is what they call Dar-ul-Islam.


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